Climatology and climate indices

Heat content and steric height anomalies illustrate ocean changes observed by Argo network.. The horizontal distribution of the changes is estimated by comparing the 2004-2012 ISAS13 average to long term estimates. Time series of the volume average over the period is another index to monitor the state of the ocean.

ISAS13 climatology Vertical integrals (0-1500m)

A monthly climatology for temperature and salinity has been produced as an average of the 2004-2012 ISAS13 analysis period. A simple comparison of the heat content (from 0 to 1500m) and steric height (relative to 1500m) of the ISAS13 climatology with the previous WOA05 climatology illustrates how this decade behaves relative to a long term mean.

Ocean indices

Global Ocean Heat Content (OHC) and Steric Height (SH) time series are monitored. A strong interannual variability due to the various modes of the ocean still dominate the long term trend.