Jason 3 in orbit!

The satellite mission Jason-3  is off to a good start after a successful launch from Vanderberg in California this past Sunday January 17. Jason-3 carries a Poseidon-3 altimeter provided by CNES. This instrument and associated radiometers will measure sea level, wind speeds and wave heights that will allow the LOPS team to continue their work. Jason 3 will give us a faster revisit time for measuring surface currents, winds and waves. We will particularly look at hurricanes and the general ocean circulation.

Jason-3 data will naturally be included in the globwave database which has become a standard within the research community and the industry.

Below is an example map of the daily coverage with existing altimeters - made at LOPS as part of cersat .   Jason-3 will help filling the holes, and will be followed by Sentinel 3 and CFOSAT

These altimeter data are also complemented by spectral wave information derived from  Sentinel-1 :  http://oceanwavesremotesensing.ifremer.fr/

More altimeter wave data at: