East Greenland array

Site (Name): Cape Farewell / Irminger Sea

Funded by: Ifremer and INSU (France)

Mooring locations

mooring A : N59°223' W41°596' (depth: 1894m; head: -176m); 

mooring B : N59°215' W42°454' (depth: 1732m; head: -215m); 

mooring C : N59°092' W42°620' (depth: 1086m; head: -292m); 

mooring Cb: N59°620' W42°922' (depth: 1112m; head: -301m); 

mooring D : N59°949' W42°122' (depth: 490m; head: -158m);

 mooring E : N59°333' W42°700' (depth: 195m; head: -192m); 

mooring Eb: N59°872' W42°162' (depth: 182m; head: -181m);

fig.1: Location of the moorings on top of the Smith & Sandwell bathymetry

Number of moorings: 5 Variables measured (depth, sampling rate): 

mooring A: U,V,T,P at 200m, 700m, 1200m, 1600m,1800m, every 30 minutes T,S,P at 180m every 15 minutes 

mooring B: U,V,T,P at 230m, 630m, 1030m, 1430m, 1630m, every 30 minutes T,S,P at 210m every 15 minutes

mooring C&Cb: U,V,T,P at 680m, 880m, 980m, every 30 minutes T at 580m every 15 minutes T,S,P at 260m every 15 minutes U,V between 100m and 570m every 16m and every 30 minutes 

mooring D: U,V,T,P at 390m, 190m every 30 minutes T,S,P at 170m every 15 minutes 

mooring E&Eb: T,S,P at 190m every 15 minutes U,V between 20m and 190m every 4m and every 30 minutes

Start date of the timeseries: June 11, 2004 Service interval: C and E were renewed as Cb and Eb in September 2005 Recovery in June (A,B,Cb,D) and August (Eb) 2006.

fig.2: instrumented moorings on top of 2002 velocity (color) and salinity (contour) data along OVIDE section.

Status: All recovered. Data return: 90% 


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