Workshop 2012

Ovide meeting

29 Novembre 2012, LPO, Ifremer centre de Brest


9h30 Introduction

9h45 MOC Variability from 1993 to 2010: H. Mercier et al.

10h15 Mechanisms of the Subpolar Mode Water variability: V. Thierry et al.

10h45 Stable isotopes in seawater: an indicator of freshwater sources in the East Greenland Current: M. Benetti et al.

11h15 Coffee break

11h45 Observed alkalinity and aragonite saturation trends in the water masses of the North Atlantic Ocean: A. Rios et al.

12h15 Combining OMP mixing analysis with mass transport along the Ovide sections: preliminary results: M. Garcia et al.

12h45 Lunch

14h15 Atlantic Ocean uptake of carbon dioxide reduced by weakening of the meridional overturning circulation: F. Perez et al.

14h45 Anthropogenic carbon changes in the Irminger Basin (1981-2006): Coupling δ13CDIC and DIC observations V. Racapé et al.

15h15 Mass, nutrients and oxygen budgets for the North Eastern Atlantic Ocean: G. Maze et al.

15h45 Coffee Break

16h15 Catarina cruise overview: A. Rios

16h45 Catarina nutrient data quality control: M. Garcia