Argo France

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Argo France gather all the french activities related to Argo, the internattional network of in situ temperature and salinity measurements from profiling floats, and its extension toward biogeochemical measurements. Argo France is the french contribution to the Euro-Argo European research infrastructure that organizes and federates European contribution to Argo. Euro-Argo will evolve in 2011 into a sustained long-term European organization and legal structure (Euro-Argo ERIC) that will be hosted by France. Euro-Argo and its French component (Argo France) is part of the Ministry of Research national roadmap on large research infrastructures (TGIR). To complement Argo France and Euro-Argo ERIC, the NAOS project has been recently funded by the Ministry of Research to consolidate and improve the French contribution to Argo and to prepare the next scientific challenges for Argo. Argo France is organized through the Coriolis partnership (CNES, Ifremer, INSU, IPEV, IRD, Météo-France et SHOM).. At regional scale, Argo France is supported by the IUEM Observatory (OSU IUEM) and funded by the CPER of the Brittany region.  A European Research Council (ERC) advanced grant has also been recently obtained by LOV to work on the development of a biogeochemical component for Argo.

The overall objectives of Argo France are the following :

  • to provide to french scientist high-quality physical and biogeochemical data measured by Argo profiling floats to help and promote the french contribution to climate research and more generally to oceanographic reserach based on Argo data;
  • to consolidate and organize the french contribution to Argo and the european research infrastructure Euro-Argo;
  • to promote biogeochemical measurements from profiling floats and the developments of in situ data network for biogeochemical data.

Argo France is funded by :

The CREST Argo project is funded by the European Union. Europe commits in Brittany Region with the European Regional Development Fund (Fonds Européen de Développement Régional, FEDER).