Data access

The 3-D ISAS15 monthly fields are delivered in NetCdf format.

Monthly fields

The 3-D monthly fields of temperature and salinity in NetCdf format can be found at the following DOI reference:

Kolodziejczyk Nicolas, Prigent-Mazella Annaig, Gaillard Fabienne (2017). ISAS-15 temperature and salinity gridded fields. SEANOE.


A climatology has been produced as the mean over the period 2004-2012. Temperature, salinity and mixed layer depth  can be found at the following DOI reference:

Fabienne Gaillard (2015). ISAS-13-CLIM temperature and salinity gridded climatology. Pôle Océan.

Near Real Time extension

Coriolis runs the ISAS tool in real time. Those fields can be used to extend the ISAS13 realanalysis toward the most recent periods.

Temperature and salinity fields from Near real Time analysis (2010-present) be accessed using FTP :


When using ISAS in publication, please acknowledge as following:

"ISAS temperature and salinity products were produced and distributed by the French Service National d'Observation Argo at LOPS"


Gaillard, F., T. Reynaud, V. Thierry, N. Kolodziejczyk and K. von Schukmann , 2016 : In Situ–Based Reanalysis of the Global Ocean Temperature and Salinity with ISAS: Variability of the Heat Content and Steric Height, J. Clim., 29, 1305-1323.