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The trap of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

Published on 3 october

Following a collaboration between RDT and DYNECO, the low-cost'MASTODON anchorages were adapted and prepared in MASTODON-2D version at LOPS with JERICO-NEXT co-financing. By implementing them Pascal, Bernard and Marion explained the origin of daytime temperature oscillations near the bottom in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. In an article published in Scientific Report in September, they demonstrated that this is a trapped wave spreading around the archipelago.

Lazure, P., Le Cann, B., Bezaud, M., 2018. Large diurnal bottom temperature oscillations around the Saint Pierre and Miquelon archipelago. Scientific Reports 8, 13882.

Avec la vague de chaleur mondiale de cet été, 2018 sera une année particulièrement chaude.
Florian Sévellec (OPS) et Sybren Drijfout ( NOC Southampton et KNMI) prévoient que cela va continuer au moins jusqu'en 2022, dans un article publié dans Nature Communications.

A recent study led by Ben Barton (PhD student at LOPS) reveals how the Barents Sea is becoming ice free every winter since 2005. Warming of both the Atlantic Water inflow and the atmosphere is intensifying the ocean front that is now a barrier to sea ice...

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