Fanny Girard-Ardhuin

PhD - Atmospheric Science

Fanny Girard-Ardhuin received her Ph. D. in radar meteorology at the Laboratoire d'Aérologie in Toulouse in 2001. Her thesis deals with atmospheric boundary layer studies, using wind profiler radar with Radio Acoustic Sounding System (RASS). Research fellow at Telecom Bretagne in 2002, she analyzed Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, in particular for oil spill detection. She joined what is now the Division of Radar Application of Collecte Localisation Satellites in 2003 to implement oil slick detection algorithms applied on SAR images and use synergistic data analysis for slick classification. Since 2004 at Ifremer Laboratory of Oceanography from Space (what is now a part of the Laboratoire d'Oceanographie Physique et Spatiale), she is involved in sea ice monitoring from active and passive sensors, in particular for sea ice drift estimation, multi-year ice and ice edge detection, she also participates to small icebergs detection, and other ocean parameters estimate by synergy of data.

She is or has been involved in national and international projects with E.U. (MARSAIS, DAMOCLES, Monarch-A, EuRuCAS, SWARP, SPICES, INTAROS), GMES (PolarView, MyOcean, Copernicus CMEMS), ESA (GlobIce, GlobCurrent, Sea Ice Climate Change Initiative, OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases and -Evolution, Pathfinders ocean Acidification), CNES (ALTIBERG, ACUR, 4SICI) and ONR (Sea State DRI).

She was a member of the European Space Agency Science Advisory Group for scatterometer sensors for sea-ice applications (ASCAT onboard MetOp), and the scientific committee of the French Chantier Arctique initiative. She is a member of the Arctic Regional Ocean Observing System group and of the CFOSAT science team.

She is the head of the "Satellites and air-sea interactions" (SIAM) Ifremer laboratory.




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