OVIDE Workshop 2024

https://cnrs.zoom.us/j/95666912109?pwd=VmNYNVZpeXJoY2dMMnpUdWJvUS9KZz09 and LOPS Ifremer meeting room

Tuesday Feb. 6


  • Welcome (5’)
  • New insights into the eastern Subpolar North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation from OVIDE (Herlé Mercier)
  • Isopycnal eddy stirring dominates thermohaline mixing in the upper subpolar North Atlantic (Bieito Fernandez Castro)
  • North Atlantic Deep Water variability in Deep Argo data (Damien Desbruyères)
  • Combining OVIDE and Argo data to assess physical mechanisms driving a biogeochemical imprint in the North Atlantic (Lidia Carracedo)


  • North Atlantic CO2 sink variability revealed by the GO-SHIP A25-OVIDE section (Marta López Mozos, Anton Velo)
  • Intra-annual to decadal variability of DIC/Cant transport at OVIDE (Raphael Bajon)
  • Foraminifera and their use in reconstructing past ocean changes (Paola L. Moffa-Sanchez)
  • Two decades of acidification measurements in the GO-SHIP A25 Section (Fiz F Perez, Marcos Fontela)

Lunch break


  • Nitrous oxide observations, partition, transport and budgets in the Subpolar North Atlantic Gyre (Mercedes de la Paz, Marcos Fontela)
  • Ocean acidification forcing drivers in the Iberian Basin: mean layer properties 1997-2023 (Marcos Fontela, Toni Padin)
  • Subpolar gyre decadal variability explains the recent oxygenation in the Irminger Sea (Esther Portela, Nicolas Kolodziejcyk)


  • Water isotopes and d13C-DIC during Ovide-Bocats cruises (Gilles Reverdin)
  • BOCATS2-2021 inversion (Pascale Lherminier)

Wednesday Feb. 7

09h30-13h: discussions

  • BOCATS2 Project progress (Anton Velo)
  • Data status
  • Special issue “20-year of Ocean Science review/perspective”: An OVIDE review
  • OSNAP biogeochem meeting
  • Euro-GOSHIP (short presentation of P Lherminier)
  • OVIDE 2025 cruise
  • strategies of valorization of the OVIDE project and its long-term sustainability: sampling optimization? productivity? project visibility?