Thèses en cours

Greace Yustisia Crystle

Mixing and dissipation in the deep ocean

Pierre Le Bras

Analog methods to identify global oceanographic simulations

Edouard Gauvrit

Statistical characterization of turbulence in a wind-over-waves surface layer

Noémie Schifano

Tracer transport and mixing in the bottom mixed-layer

Clément Pouplin

Characterization of tropical cyclone induced wave fields

Gustav Rautenbach

The water mass transformation and mixing processes of the Durban Eddy inshore of the Agulhas Current

Aline Zribi

Representativeness and uncertainties of the cyclone hazard in the French Overseas Territories

Margot Demol

Estimating ocean surface dynamic at small scale in the wide-swath altimetric Era (SWOT)

Samuel Osina

Sea state effects on SWOT sea level measurements


Adrien Stella

PHYToplankton dynamics and underlying processes in the Arctic Ocean based on observation and deep learning (PhytAO)

Ivane Salaun

Seasonal to interannual variability of the current near the Reykjanes Ridge and their vertical and horizontal structures

Armand Vic

Modélisation mathématique de l'interaction tourbillon-atmosphère.

Théo Picard

Data‐driven MOdeling and sampling to MOnitor PARticle origins in deep sediment traps (MOMOPAR)

Giulia Zerbini

MIxing and RestrAtification in the Bottom mixed-layEr : impActs of sUbmesoscale instabilities

Julie Cheynel

Changes in extreme sea levels in a warming climate

Arthur Coquereau

Estimer le rôle de la variabilité forcée et interne pour la réponse de l'océan et du climat dans un climat qui change

Raquel Flugel

Wind INner shelf variability Impacts in the Benguela Upwelling system in present and future climate (WINIBUS)

Tom Protin

Wave propagation on the ocean surface: a stochastic perspective

Theo Le Hir

Etude de l'hypothèse de l'existence d'un pont terrestre entre Madagascar et Mozambique

Maud Martinez Almoyna

Evolution des écosystèmes côtiers sous influence des fleuves dans le golfe de Gascogne et la Manche durant le 21ème siècle

Raphael Ravasse

Structure and dynamics of submesoscale coherent vortices in the ocean