Thèses en cours

Adam Ayouche

Surface observability and vertical mixing linked with (sub)mesoscale in a coastal region: Bay of Biscay application

Anastasia Tarasenko

Mesoscale dynamics in marginal ice zone in Arctic

Charles Caulet

Video observation of sea level in the swash zone during extreme events

Clément Combot

Mixing, Restratification and heat uptake in Tropical cyclones wake: processes and contribution of satellite observations

Gwendal Maréchal

Variabilité des hauteurs de vagues, directionnalité des états de mer et propriétés des courants de méso et sous mésoéchelle

Ivane Salaun

Seasonal to interannual variability of the current near the Reykjanes Ridge and their vertical and horizontal structures

Khassoum Correa

Response of phytoplankton functional groups to the dynamics of the Senegalese shelf

Luc Barast

Interactions between near-surface turbulence and surface waves in the presence of sea ice

Mathieu Morvan

Meso- to Submesoscale Eddies in the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf of Aden:

Impact on the Persian Gulf Water and the Red Sea Water

Odilon Houndegnonto

Analyse des variations thermohalines de petites échelles horizontale et verticale au sein des couches superficielles de l’océan

Alex Le Gal

Influence de la turbulence océanique pour la prévision du climat européen

Ben Barton

How does the seasonal sea ice impact ocean stratification and mean flow?

Charly de Marez

Dynamique et impact acoustique des structures de meso et sous meso échelle en mer d'Arabie

Greace Yustisia Crystle

Mixing and dissipation in the deep ocean

Houda Beghoura

Modelling the marine biogeochemical impact of inorganic particulate iron from sedimentary origin

Kenneth E Lee

The ARGO era: Interannual impact of extreme wintertime weather regimes on the North Atlantic subtropical stratification

Léo Vinour

Modulation processes of tropical cyclones life cycle : contributions of satellite observations and coupled modeling

Marion Bezaud

High-frequency hydrodynamics around Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Pauline Tedesco

Oceanic mesoscale eddies dissipation