Thèses en cours

Luc Barast

Interactions between near-surface turbulence and surface waves in the presence of sea ice

Alex Le Gal

Influence de la turbulence océanique pour la prévision du climat européen

Adam Ayouche

Surface observability and vertical mixing linked with (sub)mesoscale in a coastal region: Bay of Biscay application

Coline Poppeschi

Vers la compréhension des réponses de l’environnement côtier aux événements extrêmes dans un contexte de changement climatique

Pierre Le Bras

Analog methods to identify global oceanographic simulations

Emma Bent

Investigating wave-ice feedbacks in the Arctic Ocean.

Arthur Avenas

Tropical Cyclone classification and prediction using multimodal Physics-informed Artificial Intelligence methods

Théo Picard

Data‐driven MOdeling and sampling to MOnitor PARticle origins in deep sediment traps (MOMOPAR)

Giulia Zerbini

MIxing and RestrAtification in the Bottom mixed-layEr : impActs of sUbmesoscale instabilities

Greace Yustisia Crystle

Mixing and dissipation in the deep ocean

Khassoum Correa

Response of phytoplankton functional groups to the dynamics of the Senegalese shelf

Ivane Salaun

Seasonal to interannual variability of the current near the Reykjanes Ridge and their vertical and horizontal structures

Joana Roussilon

Deep learning learning approaches to reconstruct long time-series of phytoplankton biomass and evaluate the underlying dynamic mechanisms related to climate cycles

Armand Vic

Modélisation mathématique de l'interaction tourbillon-atmosphère.

Marie Montero

Long-term blended analysis of SSS in the northern Indian Ocean from in situ and multi-sensor satellite data

Edouard Gauvrit

Statistical characterization of turbulence in a wind-over-waves surface layer

Noémie Schifano

Tracer transport and mixing in the bottom mixed-layer