ISAS : A global in situ T-S gridded fields

ISAS (In Situ Analysis System) basic products are gridded fields of temperature and salinity based on in-situ measurements over the period covered by the ARGO network.

ISAS V4 Processing

Presentation & Methodology

ISAS (In Situ Analysis System) is an optimal interpolation tool developped to synthesize the global dataset of Argo and in situ profiles.

2002-2012 ISAS Ocean Heat Content Climatology (0-1500 m)

ISAS viewer

A simple tool for a quick view of ISAS temperature and salinity maps

State of the North Atlantic Ocean in 2020

SNO Argo France contribution to ICES Report 2021

Data access

The 3-D ISAS monthly fields and climatology are delivered in NetCdf format.

Climate indices

Ocean Global Heat Content change illustrates the  amount of heat gained or lost by the ocean observed over the  Argo array.