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Sea State CCI version 1.0

Published on 22 july

A new dataset on ocean wave heighs obtained from satellite has just been made public. What is new? Unprecedented spatial resolution thanks to an adaptative noise filtering. This is the version 1.0 of the ESA Sea State CCI project, covering 1993 to 2018. You can access the data here: , and join us in Brest on October 8-9 for a User Consultation Meeting, so that your need for ocean wave data are taken into account;

Comprendre l'effet des vagues sur la glace de mer: c'est l'objectif du projet ERC WAAXT et de cette première campagne de préparation ...

L'Agence Spatiale Européenne annoncera en septembre la sélection pour le 9ème Earth Explorer: SKIM ou FORUM. Toutes les études sur SKIM, et en particulier l'analyse de la campagne DRIFT4SKIM sont en cours de finalisation.


Published on 20 november 2018

The measurement campaign DRIFT4SKIM is taking place offshore of Brest, from 19 to 27 November, and aims at validating the measurement concept for surface current vectors and waves for the satellite mission SKIM ...

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