Argo oxygen meeting

The Argo-oxygen meeting has been held 25-27 May 2011 at Ifremer in Brest.

The heart of the meeting was devoted to technical discussions on oxygen sensors (Seabird SBE43, Aanderaa optode and other available oxygen sensors) and their use on Argo floats (or gliders). The main question was how people have identified the errors in their oxygen data and the errors inherent in each sensor type, and how they have corrected these errors? To address those questions, there were sessions in which the following issues were discussed: calibration before deployment, static errors, dynamic errors and quality control of the data (both real time and delayed mode).

Besides the technical sessions, there was a session devoted to scientific results derived from oxygen data measured by Argo floats or gliders.

A short report of this meeting is available in the Argonautics 12 newsletter (July 2011) available at

Agenda, reports, abstracts, etc

Meeting report (available in September)


Calibration session

  • Multipoint calibrations on Aanderaa oxygen optodes by C. Neill
  • Laboratory calibration setup based on an electrochemical O2 generator by H. Bittig
  • Laboratory calibration of Aanderaa optodes as a function of O2 and temperature by S. Bushinsky and S. Emerson

Dynamic errors session

  • Temperature-dependent step response characteristics of Aanderaa oxygen optodes by H. Bittig

QC and data processing session

  • Post-deployment validation by V. Thierry
  • Comparison between Argo data and bottles by L. Juranek
  • In-situ calibration of oxygen optodes on gliders and floats by J. Karstensen
  • Using atmospheric pO2 to calibrate Aanderaa oxygen sensors on surface moorings (and maybe profiling floats) by S. Bushinsky and S. Emerson
  • Developement of an optimal interpolation tool for Argo oxygen data by V. Thierry

Scientific analyses session

  • Toward the estimation of pH in near real-time using Argo profiling float data by L. Juranek
  • Seasonal cycles of O2 supersaturation in the surface ocean as a tracer of net biological oxygen production by S. Emerson and S. Bushinsky

Practical information

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