COAST-HF - Coastal ocean observing system - High frequency


To analyse and understand the circulation, the hydrological structure, the exchanges and the evolutions of the coastal environment.


To collect continuous high frequency observations over long time periods.

Component of the Research Infrastructure ILICO:

Creation date

2007 for the initial network PREVIMER and HOSEA – High frequency observation network for the environment in coastal seas & 2000 for the initial network in CNRS-INSU (high frequency component of the SOMLIT network)


Guillaume Charria & Christine David-Beausire

Observation sites

14 stations along the French coasts

Measured variables

Conductivity ; Wave direction ; Wind direction ; Fluorescence ; Relative Humidity ; Dissolved Oxygen ; Wave period ; pH ; Pressure ; Atmospheric pressure ; Salinity ; Air Temperature ; Water Temperature ; Turbidity ; Current speed ; Wind speed

Data access:

Contact: Guillaume Charria