Sea surface KInematics Multiscale monitoring: a proposal for ESA's Earth Explorer 9

SKIM is a satellite proposed for the European Space Agency "Earth Explorer 9".  It is designed to measure surface currents and waves (directional spectra), using a Doppler Ka-band radar... a new technique in space, but the basis of police 'speed-guns' use to check on cars speed on highwaves. The proposing team is a multidisciplinary group with a main focus on ocean circulation, coastal hazards, air-sea interactions and marginal ice zones, but many other applications to ocean dynamics, extreme waves, the remote sensing of other essential ocean variables and monitoring of the solid Earth and upper atmosphere with ambient seismic and acoustic noise.

The 2016 version of the SKIM proposal has been posted on ResearchGate ... but all proposals were rejected and a new call was issued by the European Space Agency (ESA) in December 2016. The SKIM proposal is now being extensively reworked.   ESA will annouce the 2 finalists in November 2017, for a final choice in 2018. We expect that this will happen after a user consultation meeting, as done for EE8 which led to the choice of the FLEX mission.

If you think that SKIM data could help your research or applications, please support us by sending a message of interest -- even once the proposal is submitted  -- to F. Ardhuin with CC to expressing
- your occupation (research, industry, other)
- your main interest and field of work (e.g. coastal engineering, physical oceanography, remote sensing ... )
- affiliation
- and the type of activity for which you belive that SKIM could be useful

You may also send us a support letter stating how much that kind of data can be important for your activities (see e.g. 
You can find more stuff (KMZs with orbits and the like) here: 
and follow the latest developments