LOPS Biogeochemical Group

Through observations, modeling and machine learning, we aim at a better understanding of the processes controlling the marine biogeochemical cycles, their variability, their impacts on marine ecosystems and on the ocean carbon pumps...

Coastal ecosystem functioning

Through observational and modeling efforts focused on the Senegalese upwelling region (ANR SOLAB), key processes of the ecosystem functioning, such as severe episodic anoxy, are under scrutiny.

Decadal chlorophyll variability

Satellite Chlorophyll data are yet too short to allow meaningful characterization of its decadal variability. New reconstruction method based on machine learning technics are under-investigation to expand the surface chlorophyll time series.

Iron cycle

Iron is known to be a key limiting nutrient of ocean phytoplankton biomass. Yet, some aspects of its cycle remain unknown as the role played by the sediment particulate iron source (ANR BIIM).

Ocean / Seabed exchanges

The role of exchanges between ocean sediments and the water column remain crudely quantified on continental margins due to the lack of a clear understanding of the processes at play. We are developing approaches to study those processes and their integrated impacts on nutrients, dissolved oxygen and the carbon cycle.

Who We Are



Elodie Martinez 

Long term Chlorophyll variability - Marquesas islands ecosystem functioning // satellite radiometric observations / Machine Learning 

Emmanuel Laurenceau-Cornec

Iron Cycle - Particles dynamic //Biogeochemical Modeling //Postdoc (ANR-BIIM with LEMAR)

Joana Roussillon

Chlorophyll long time series reconstruction // Machine Learning // Supervisors: E. Martinez, T. Gorgues

Eric Machu

Senegalese ecosystem functioning // In Situ Observations /  satellite radiometric observations / Biogeochemical modeling

Fanny Chenillat

Biogeochemical Modeling // Physical-biological interactions // Lagrangian numerical experiments // Collaborator from ACTIMAR 

Khassoum Correa

Senegalese Ecosystem structure from Chlorophyll data // Supervisor: E. Machu

Thomas Gorgues

Iron Cycle - Carbon export - Diversity - Chlorophyll variability - Diel Vertical Migration // Biogeochemical modeling / Machine Learning

Camille Richon 

Trace Metal Cycle - Microplastic-biology interaction // Biogeochemical Modeling //Postdoc (ISblue)

Aïda Beye

Senegalese Ecosystem - phytoplankton diversity - observation // Supervisor: E. Machu

Pierre-Amael Auger

Ocean-seabed interaction -North-West African and Peru-Chile Upwelling systems //Biogeochemical modeling / In-Situ Observations 

Houda Beghoura 

Trace Metal Cycle - Oxygen // Biogeochemical Modeling //Postdoc (LHYFE)

Raphaël Bajon

Carbon cycle in the North Atlantic - Plastic transport at global scale // Supervisor: L. Carracedo

Lidia Carracedo  

Carbon cycle & pumps - MOC - Nutrients - North Atlantic // In-Situ Observations