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We are continuing our projects in different regions

- South Africa [...] [projet LEFE AFRICA (2019-2021)]

- Arabian sea [...] [projet PhysIndien 2019, en collaboration avec le SHOM, ANR Astrid DYNED-Atlas: Atlas dynamique des tourbillons]

 - Deep ocean  [...] [ANR JCJC DEEPER (2020-2024); MSCA CIOP (2019-2020) - CI in the Orkney Passage; H2020 iAtlantic "Integrated Assessment of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems in Space and Time" (2019-2023)]

- Surface and subsurface ocean  [...] [autres collaborations: FUMSECK_vv, avec le MIO; OSMOSIS]

- Interior ocean  [...]

- Theoritical studies  [...]

Our studies required technical developments, in particular the development of an efficient python visualization tool for simulations with large grid sizes, for the moment for the outputs of the CROCO model (croco_pyvisu).


Prospectives :

In the future, the major projects described above will continue, supported by different projects.

Submitted projects / in preparation:

-LEFE-Manu: Nouveaux NoYaux modèles LES (Guillaume)

-LEFE-Imago: COGNAC20 (Aurélien)

-LEFE-Imago: DIssipation Des tOurbillons et des oNdes internes (Claire)

-Belmont Forum: fronts et écologie dans le canal du Mozambique (Pierrick)


-ANR JPI Ocean: EUREC4A-OA, PI: Sabrina Speich (Xavier, Jonathan, Jean-Luc)

-DYJAVO,  PI: J.B. Flor &  D. Dritschel  (Xavier)

-ANR THERMOSTAT, PI: L. Renault (Jonathan, Pierrick, etc.)