Delayed Mode Processing

The delayed mode processing of the data acquired onboard French research vessels is perfomed every year. Information from various sources are collected:

The raw-TSG data in Techsas format (Ifremer/IMN-NSE) are downloaded from SISMER for all cruises performed during the year (except those considered as confidential). They are converted into GOSUD nc files. 

Using Madida (GENAVIR) information, all cruises performed with the same thermosalinometer are grouped in a single file.

Information on the TSG (serial number, calibration date and coefficients) are added to the file.

Water sample analysis performed within Coriolis (Epshom) and performed by scientists are collected into a .btl file. Those data will be use to adjust the TSG salinity measurements.

ARGO colocated measurement are collected into a .arg file. Those data will help in the data control.

Data are then controlled and adjusted using TSG-QC sofware (IRD).

The final Delayed mode files in GOSUD NetCDF format are then made available for GOSUD upload.