Models and data Analysis for Research on Coastal seas

The goals of the MARC project are the facilitation of research and the  promotion and demonstration of  the relevance of this research. MARC is thus both a set of tools intended for researchers and students, and an outreach effort towards anybody interested in ocean research and its many uses. Today MARC operates two numerical models: Ifremer MARS3D  (ocean circulation, biogeochemistry and sediment dynamics) and the wave model WAVEWATCH III, which is developed at LOPS as part of a international group  coordinated by NOAA.

Today MARC partners include people at LOPS (a joint research unit of University of Brest, CNRS, Ifremer and IRD) and Ifremer/DYNECO .

Real time forecasts are available at

MARC coordinates the dissemination of hindcasts and/or archived forecasts produced in various research projects, and available via several ftp / thredds servers. For example the IOWAGA hindcasts and their evolution is available at