TNTM is a project on the Digital Transformation of Maritime Transport. The objective is to optimize logistics flows for environmental and competitiveness purposes by integrating real-time data, their processing and integration into optimization algorithms.

The performance of the ship depends greatly on the environment in which it operates. The wind or the swell will influence by more than 30 to 50% the performance of the vessel, it is therefore essential to know these conditions precisely. This is a major issue for the project and also one of the risks identified with regard to the accuracy of the analyzes.

The project aims to improve measurements and prediction of wind, waves and current on the ship's route. This will be done in two areas, the first focusing on obtaining measurements on the vessel and the second on improving wave forecasts. The validation of these two axes will be done bilaterally with the analysis of satellite data and set up as external reference measurements.

Obtaining measurements on the ship and their analysis will enable new means of estimating sea states and qualifying the accuracy of the measurement according to the conditions encountered on the ship's route. Crossing this data with other satellite and insitu measurements will provide indicators on the accuracy of the data and thus better define errors related to the measurement of the instrument.

Improved wave forecasts will allow better representation of physical processes through the implementation of tools and comparison methods with spectral measurements of sea states from ships, satellites and buoys.