Oral Presentations

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Session 0:  A Tribute to Bach-Lien Hua 

Patrice Klein


Patrick Vincent

A tribute to Bach-Lien Hua

Michel Crépon

A tribute to Bach-Lien Hua

Alain Colin de Verdière    

Lien’s scientific approach: how it can help to make future breakthroughs


Eric Firing

Equatorial subthermocline circulation driven by intraseasonal variability

Annick Pouquet

An energy pathway to dissipation in rotating stratified turbulence in the context of astrophysical and geophysical flows

Emile Okal

Extracurricular Geophysics: Unexpected coupling between Earth systems

Joseph Pedlosky

Letter from Joseph Pedlosky dedicated to Bach-Lien Hua

James McWilliams

Letter from James McWilliams dedicated to Bach Lien Hua

Session 1:  Large and Mesoscale Interactions in the Ocean

Peter B. Rhines

Connecting enstrophy dynamics with western boundary currents

William K. Dewar

Potential Vorticity Budgets in the General Circulation

Thierry Huck

Multidecadal variability of the overturning circulation in presence of eddy turbulence

Louis-Philippe Nadeau    

The role of closed gyres in setting the zonal transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current


Paola Cessi

Topographic Enhancement of Eddy Efficiency in Baroclinic Equilibration

William R. Young

Zonostrophic Instability: formation, maintenance and drift of beta-plane jets

Session 2:  Meso and Sub-Mesoscale Turbulence 

Xavier Capet

Impact of submesoscale fronts in the ocean: recent progress and enduring challenges

Rosmary Morrow

Resolving small-scale ocean dynamics from altimetry & the future SWOT mission

Brian Arbic

Towards an internal wave spectrum in global ocean models

Bertrand Chapron     

Detailing the upper ocean-atmosphere couplings from Space

Hideharu Sasaki

Impact of oceanic scale-interactions on the seasonal modulation of ocean dynamics by the atmosphere



Marie Farge

Production of dissipative vortices by solid bodies in incompressible fluid flows: comparison between Prandtl, Navier-Stokes and Euler solutions

Gualtiero Badin

The role of short-wave instabilities on geostrophic turbulence is studied in a simplified model consisting of three layers in the quasi-geostrophic approximation

Hidenori Aiki

Reduction of sampling errors using a phase-independent expression for energy flux associated with inertia-gravity wave

Adrian Martin

The Challenges of Life at the Mesoscale and Submesoscale

Marina Levy

Oceanic mesoscale turbulence drives large biogeochemical interannual variability at mid and high latitudes

Session 3:  Stirring and Mixing in the Ocean

Guillaume Lapeyre

Stirring and mixing of active and passive tracers in the atmosphere and ocean

K. Shafer Smith

Submesoscale stirring by balanced and unbalanced flows

Peter H. Haynes

What limits horizontal scales of oceanic tracer filaments?

Alexandre Stegner 

Meso and sub meso scale dynamics of coastal current along a steep shelf bathymetry

Daniel Schertzer

Quasi-geotrosphic approximation and a fractional vorticity equation

Joël Sommeria

Mixing in a stably stratified fluid: statistical mechanics predictions compared with laboratory experiments

Remy Tailleux

Molecular control of turbulent diapycnal mixing in the ocean thermocline

Pascale Bouruet-Aubertot    

Parameterization of energy dissipation and turbulent mixing in the Indonesian Throughflow from INDOMIX experiment

Session 4-5:  Equatorial Interacting Scale
                      Ocean Layering and Seismic Observations 

Kelvin J. Richards

Layering and shear generated turbulence in the equatorial Pacific

Vladimir Zeitlin

Understanding inertial instability of equatorial jets

Frédéric Marin

Intermediate zonal jets in the tropical oceans as observed by Argo floats: A new challenge for theoreticians

Bruce Cornuelle

State estimation and prediction in the bifurcation region East of the Philippines

Breck Owens 

Repeat Observations by Gliders in the Equatorial Region west of the Galápagos Archipelago – Preliminary Observations and Modeling Studies



Claire Ménesguen       

Layering and turbulence surrounding an anticyclonic oceanic vortex: In situ observations and quasi-geostrophic numerical simulations

Patrice Meunier

Structure and instabilities of lens vortices in a stratified fluid

Paul Billant

Experimental and numerical studies of stratified turbulence forced with columnar dipoles

Session 6:  Scientific breakthroughs in Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions   

Claude Frankignoul

The influence of the variability of the ocean circulation on the large-scale atmospheric circulation : observational evidence and possible mechanisms

Fabrice Ardhuin

How ocean waves rock the solid Earth: two mechanisms explain seismic noise with periods 1 to 300 seconds

Phillip L. Richardson      

Proposed Observing System Using High-Speed Robotic Albatross UAVs Powered by Dynamic Soaring

Gwendal Rivière

Eddy kinetic-energy redistribution in quasi-geostrophic flows: implication for the midlatitude winter storms



Florian Sévellec

On the predictability of the North Atlantic ocean state

Bunmei Taguchi

Response of atmosphere-ocean system to latitudinal shifts of the North Pacific western boundary current extensions in a coupled GCM

Anne Marie Tréguier

Challenges in high resolution climate modelling

Michael Ghil

Climate change and climate variability: What do we know?