Anne-Marie Treguier


Research director, CNRS, IUEM, Brest

 Laboratoire d'océanographie physique et spatiale (

 LOPS is a joint research unit between CNRS, Ifremer, IRD, UBO.
 email: Anne-Marie.Treguier at


 Research themes:  
 Numerical ocean modelling from the global to the regional scale. Influence of mesoscale eddies on the ocean circulation and on the large scale transports of heat and freshwater. Ocean surface mixed layer. Influence of bottom topography on the ocean circulation.

 Regions of interest:  
 North Atlantic (always), Tropical Atlantic (this is where I started), South Atlantic and Antarctic circumpolar current (a little bit), Nordic Seas and Arctic ocean (recent).

 DRAKKAR collaborative project for ocean modelling, global to regional ( )
 MEDLEY - Mixed Layer Heterogeneity

 Research administration and committees (recent): 
 Director of the ISblue ( ) excellence cluster at IUEM ( )
 Executive Editor for the journal « Ocean Science » (EGU) since 2019. 


Find my recent papers  at archimer on my Ifremer page here