Swen Jullien

Lab. of physical oceanography and remote sensing
ZI Pointe du diable, CS 10070
29280 Plouzane - France
Tel : +33 2 98 22 41 29

Research interests

Ocean and atmosphere dynamics at the air-sea interface

  • Coupled interactions at mesoscale
  • Air-sea interactions in tropical cyclones
  • Storm surge

Regional coupled modeling: CROCO / WRF / WW3 / ROMS / NEMO

Ongoing projects

  • CROCO (Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model) : https://www.croco-ocean.org/
    • Research on numerical developments and methods for small-scale ocean modeling in coastal restions and related multidisplinary questions
    • Sharing research and developments in a common modeling tool built to assess realistic and complex systems
  • CYCLOBS : https://cyclobs.ifremer.fr/app/
    • Develop alogithms and appropriate treatments for extreme wind evaluation in tropical cyclones from SAR and band-L radiometer measurements
    • Provide a unique catalog of satellite measurements in tropical cyclones
  • CFOSAT-COAST (Assessing the potential of CFOSAT mission for coastal reserach)
    • Evaluation of CFOSAT products in the Bay of Bengal and shallow coastal areas like the GBM delta
    • Impact of wave directionality on energy transfers from short to long waves in shallow waters in the GBM delta
    • Coastal hazards from waves in steep barrier or fringing reef environments
  • COWS (CFOSAT for Ocean Waves Study)
    • Consistent analysis of wind and hurricane generated waves
    • Swell evolution and estimation of swell attenuation
    • Small scales variability and wave variability
  • CASSIOWPE (Characterizing the Atmosphere and Sea Surface Interactions for the deployment of Offshore Wind in the guf of lion’s Physical Environment, ANR-FEM)
    • Evaluate the meteo-ocean conditions in potential areas of offshore wind farm deployment
    • Develop a prototype of new SAR data processing for wind fields
    • Develop a coupled ocean-wave-atmosphere system to assess the specific conditions of the Guld of Lion, and integrating a new parameterization of air-sea fluxes accountin for sea spray effects
  • CTroVagueS (Interactions Tropical Cyclones-Waves-Submersion)
    • Characterize wind-wave-current interactions in tropical cyclones
    • Evaluate wave setup, runup and surge due to cyclones
  • MAEVA (Modification of waves amplification and erosion)
    • Processes and measures of extreme wave generation in tropical storms
    • Coastal impacts
  • SILLAGE (Processes in the tropical cyclones' wake)
    • Patterns and signature of cyclonic winds and waves in SST, SSS and SSH satellite measurements
    • Restratification processes in the cyclone wake
    • Climate impacts
  • PULSATION (Peta scale mULti-gridS ocean-ATmosphere coupled simulatIONs) :
    • Impact of small-scales phenomena on systematic bias in climate models
    • Quantifying small-scale processes that determine large-scale climate
    • Multi-scale coupled ocean-atmosphere simulations on petascale computer

Resarch profile, IDs, and free-access publications






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PhD Thesis

2010-2013 : PhD at LEGOS, University of Toulouse, France, Advisors: P. Marchesiello and C. Menkes (LOCEAN, IRD Nouméa) : Ocean feedback and response to tropical cyclones in the South Pacific: processes and climatology



Jullien S., L. Maillard,, C. Menkes, M. Lengaigne, S. Neetu, A. Mouche, Tropical cyclone induced waves: a statistical characterization, 2nd International Workshop on Waves, Storm Surges, and Coastal Hazards, Melbourne, Australia, 2019


Jullien S., L. Vinour, J. Lefèvre, C. Menkes, M. Lengaigne, S. Neetu, A. Moturu, P. Marchesiello, A. Mouche, C. Combot, Interactions cyclones tropicaux - vagues - surcotes: analyse conjointe modélisation/observation, LEFE, Clermont-Ferrand, 2018


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Thomas Stieglitz, Pieter van Beek, Marc Souhaut, Sabine Cockenpot, Swen Jullien, Multi-tracer reconnaissance of Submarine Groundwater Discharge along the French Mediterranean coast, Conference on “Radon and Radium”, Jerusalem 14-19 March 2010

Field Measurements

2017: Field campaign to measure waves run up and coastline evolution at Hoian, Vietnam

2010: INDOMIX, R/V Marion Dufresne, Indonesia


2015 - present

Research Scientist at Ifremer, Plouzané, LOPS-SIAM (Lab. of Physical Oceanography and Remote Sensing, Satellite and Air-sea Interactions team)

2014 - 2015

Post-doctoral Fellowship at LOCEAN, IPSL, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI

2010 - 2013

Ph.D. at LEGOS, Univ. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse


M.D. "Ocean Atmosphere and Continent", Univ. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse


Bachelor degree in Fundamental Physics, Univ. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse